Muscle groups

Core, Shoulders, Trapezius, Forearm, Latissimus


Grab the Low Pull-Up bar, ensure a strong pronated grip with your hands shoulder width apart or narrower.

Get below the bar as you curl your knees up to your chest and straighten your arms. Extend one of your legs fully. Other leg should be held at a 90 degree angle with respect to your torso.

Pull with your back as if you were trying to retract your scapulas to make sure your Shoulder-To-Glutes line is perfectly parallel to the ground.

Hold this position for the required time. Your arms should be straight during the full hold.

Slowly and safely descend into a sitting position once the hold is completed.

Note: Although this exercise is not strictly sided, it is recommended to perform your sets extending alternating legs. This exercise can also be done on a High Pull-Up Bar by performing a Front Lever Tuck Raise on Bar and extending your legs as required.

Movement Group


Required Equipment

Low Pull-Up Bar

Progressions And Regressions

Front Lever One Leg Hold