Muscle groups

Hamstring, Glutes


(Supine Hip Extension Leg Curl) Use sliders or a perform on smooth surface.

Begin lying supine on the floor, knees bent, feet close to your glutes. Perform a glute bridge & hold the top position. Back neutral, head resting on the floor. Hips fully extended, glutes and hamstrings engaged.

Stay tight and begin sliding your feet forward with control,. extending at the knees & maintaining hip extension. Lower as far as comfortable and then forcefully curl your legs your back to the start position. Exhale on the way back. Repeat for repetitions.

The hips should remain in full extension, and not drop at any point. Keep the back neutral.
Extend your legs

Reset to the glute bridge position and repeat for repetitions.

Movement Group


Required Equipment


Progressions And Regressions