Muscle groups

Core, Latissimus, Glutes


Use the wall to control the range of motion, starting off close, and your feet away until you find a position that is challenging, but allows you to maintain good form.

Start with the wheel slightly in front of you, underneath your shoulders. Overhand grip, wrists neutral & arms straight. Slowly start rolling the wheel out, and extending your hips. Stay in Posterior Pelvic Tilt, (tuck tailbone), squeeze your glutes and keep your core braced.
Let the wheel touch the wall, then drive your arms downward, and exhale as you pull yourself back to the start.

Adjust distance from the wall accordingly, your back shouldn't arch at any point, and your arms should stay straight.

Squeeze your glutes, brace your core, and slowing roll the wheel forward, maintaining your hollow position. If the full range is too challenging to keep a good posture, reduce the range to start, and increase it as you build strength.

Roll forward as far you can, while keeping your core engaged - do not allow your back to arch.

Return to the start by driving the wheel down and towards your knees. Compress your core, keep the arms straight, wrist neutral, and the whole body under tension.

The hips should not rise before your shoulders. It’s crucial that you maintain PPT, core remains engaged, bracing against extension of the spine.

Movement Group


Required Equipment

Wall, Ab Wheel

Progressions And Regressions

Ab Wheel Rollout Wall Assisted