Muscle groups

Back, Core, Latissimus, Glutes


Start in a pike position, neutral back, hinge at the hips and legs straight. Arms straight, wrist neutral, and the wheel close to your feet.

Maintain a hollow position throughout, core engaged, PPT (Tailbone tucked), this protects the lower back.

Create whole body tension, bracing the core, squeezing your glutes, and maintain this as you slowly roll the wheel forward. Maintain straight arms, and neutral wrist position.

Roll forward as far you can, while maintaining your hollow position (Do not allow your back to arch)

Squeeze your legs, your whole body should engaged. Return to the start by using your lats, arms straight, driving into the floor.

The hips should not hinge before the shoulders. It’s crucial the your core remains engaged, bracing against extension of the spine. If this is too advanced, look for an easier regression such as Kneeling Ab Wheel Rollouts.

Movement Group


Required Equipment

Ab Wheel