Improve Cardio - Beginner

Plan Information

Duration: 12 weeks. Starting from 3 and up to 4 workouts per week. 30-60 min per workout.

Pre-Requisites: None. Anyone who wants to improve their cardio level should hop onto this journey.

Equipment needed: Resistance Band, Pull Up Bar.

Info: A workout plan for those who would like to have a better cardiovascular exercise level. Starting from 0, and progressively going all the way up to being able to complete a variety of intermediate level cardio workouts.

The first 4 weeks will be simple, starting to adapt your body to cardio with beginner level exercises. Further into the plan, harder exercises will appear and you will start to see significant improvements in your cardio. If your cardio level is closer to intermediate, you can start the plan from week 5 for a better experience.

The plan is divided into 3 to 4 days including 1 mobility day. It is recommended to rest 24-48 hours between each Full Body workout to leave room for recovery. As you get better, less recovery time will be needed.
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