Front Lever Lover

Plan Information

Pre-requisites: 3 seconds perfect Full Front Lever Hold. Resistance bands. Pull Up Bar.
Goal: Mastering the Full Front Lever. Improving overall strength and mobility.
Time: 8 weeks. 5 workouts per week. 20-60 minutes per workout.

Workouts within the weeks will be distributed as days "A", "B", "C", "D", and "E". You should rest 24 hours minimum between each workout.

More Info:
Day A will be Full Body Strength Workout.
Day B will be Upper Body Mobility Workout.
Day C will be Legs and Core Workout Front Lever practice.
Day D will be Lower Body Mobility Workout.
Day E will be Full Body Strength Workout.
Days B and D remain constant throughout the whole plan (simple mobility workouts).
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