First Steps to Front Lever

Plan Information

Pre-requisites: 10 pull ups, comfortable with push ups. Resistance bands. Pull Up Bar.
Goal: Achieving a perfect 10 second Front Lever Advanced Tuck Hold.
Time: 12 weeks. 3 workouts per week. Around 30 to 60 minutes per workout.

Workouts within the weeks will be distributed as days "A", "B" and "C". You should rest 48 hours minimum between each workout.

More info:

Day A workouts are Push, Pull and Core Strength workouts.
Day B workouts are Legs and Core Strength workouts.
Day C workouts are Push, Pull and Core Strength workouts.

Within each 4 week block, workouts are repeated with progress in reps and time. Once a Block is completed, new, harder workouts appear.

It is recommended to have a deload week of easier workouts before moving on to the intermediates plan after Block 3 is completed. It is also recommended to do mobility workouts throughout the Blocks, at least once a week!
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