Muscle groups

Back, Triceps, Core, Shoulders, Glutes


Before loading practice the movement so it becomes smooth and controlled.

Lie on the ground with the kettlebell on one side of you. Roll towards the kettlebell, onto your side and grip the handle with the bottom hand, so your wrist is neutral. Place the other hand on top to secure, and roll on your back, keeping your hands tucked into your body, so the kettlbell comes with you, the elbow should be resting on the ground.
Straddle your leg out to 45 degrees, like a star, then bend the knee on the side of the working arm, positioning the heel close to the glute. Now press the kettlbell up, assisting with the other arm.

Maintain this overhead position of the kettlebll for the remainder of the exercise, keep the arm locked, tricep engaged and wrist neutral.

Place the other arm 45 degrees from the body. Look up toward the bell.
Push down through the elbow and the heel of the bent leg, extending the hip and driving the kettlebell upward, as you roll up to the elbow.
Drive through the heel of your palm and extend the arm straight, sitting tall. Pause here.
Again, push through the bent leg and the heel of the palm, bridging the hips up of the floor, and sweep the other leg behind you, positioning the knee under the hip. Pause

Continue driving the kettlebell upward, and push down through the knee, so you can lift the hand and hinge upward to a half kneeling position. Now fix your gaze in front of you.

Pivot your shin into a lunge postion, adjust your front leg if needed. Drive the front foot down, engaging the hamstring and glutes, lunge to a tall standing position.

Reverse the motion with the same slow, controlled manner and return to the floor. bent the elbow and roll to your side to place the kettlebell down. Alternate sides and repeat for repetitions.

Remember to look up to the kettlebell when you are not in the lunge position.

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