Muscle groups

Back, Core, Shoulders, Forearm


Hang from with a pronated grip (palms facing away from you), rings turned out and arms straight. Legs slightly in front, core braced.

Begin by depressing your scapula, and pull with straight arms, flexing your hips and raising your toes to the rings.

Rotate your hands to face each other and continue pulling, allowing your feet to pass over your head.

Maintain a pike position as you pull your hips through the rings, rotating your hands to face behind you. Lower your feet, extending your shoulders and hips. Allow your scapula to retract.

Pause and then reverse the motion by pulling with straight arms, into scapula protraction, letting the legs come through the rings again, back to the start.

Repeat for repetitions. Keep the arms straight throughout.

Movement Group


Required Equipment


Progressions And Regressions

Skin the Cat Pike