Muscle groups

Hamstring, Calves, Glutes


Stand with your back against a wall, and take one step forward. Bend your non working leg, and place the ball of your foot against the wall to assist with balance.
The other leg should remain slightly bent, and avoid locking it out any point.

Place the edge of your hand into the crease of your hip, and begin hinging. Your back should remain neutral. Think about pushing your hips back, and don't let your shoulders lead the movement.

Descend as low as your hamstring range allows, and then drive through the floor, squeezing the glutes and return to the start.

Keep tension on the front leg throughout, minimise assistance from the back leg as you develop your stability.

Begin hinging at the hips, keeping a neutral spine, and feel your hamstrings engage.

Allow your front knee to bend further to allow you deeper into the hinge. Continuing until you reach the end of your hamstring flexibility. Do not try to go lower by flexing the lumbar spine, your back should remain neutral throughout the movement.

Push through your heel to drive your hips through. Fully extending at the top, squeezing the glutes. Repeat for repetitions and switch sides.

Hamstrings should remain under tension throughout, if you lose engagement it's likely your back is rounding.

(Note : You can place the edges of your hands into the crease of your hips for feedback, making sure your initiate the movement by hinging)

Movement Group


Required Equipment


Progressions And Regressions

Single Leg Deadlift Assisted