Muscle groups

Quadriceps, Hamstring, Calves, Glutes


Find a stable elevated surface such as a step, lower than knee height.

Position the working foot on the step, and begin with your knee bent, so the heel of the extended leg starts touching the floor & assisting with balance.

Keep a tall neutral posture, arms in front to assist with balance.

Create tension by driving the elevated foot downward. Ccontract the extended leg, foot flexed toward the shin.

Push through the working leg, exhale, extend the knees and hips, driving yourself to a standing position. Squeeze the glute at the top, pause, hip fully extended. Keep the elevated leg tight.

Descend with control, flexing the knee and hip together. Lowering back to the start, with the heel of the non working leg resting on the floor.

Repeat for reps & switch sides

Movement Group


Required Equipment