Muscle groups

Triceps, Chest, Core, Shoulders


Hands should be turned outward slightly, this reduces stress on the wrists and make it easier to squeeze inward and create tension.
Assume a push position, PPT (Posterior Pelvic Tilt), brace your core, legs together.
Now walk your feet towards your so that you lean forward slightly, your shoulders are in front of your hands.
Note : the further your lean the more challenging it will be, adjust position according to your level and complete the reps with the rest form possible.
Start with your scapulua protracted, and global tension in a strong hollow position.
Now maintain that tension as you bend your arms. Your shoulders should come forward and your elbows stay above your hands, don’t let them drift backwards. Keep your core braced, PPT, and whole body tight, pause at the bottom and then drive up, until the arms are straight and fully protract the shoulders at the top. Repeat for repetitions.

If you find your back arching, or cannot keep you hips in line, then adjust your hands position closer to your shoulder and away from your hips to regress the exercise.

Movement Group


Required Equipment


Progressions And Regressions

Pseudo Planche Push Up