Muscle groups

Triceps, Core, Shoulders


Get into a push up position, with your shoulders above your wrists and hands past shoulder width. If you struggle with tight wrists, twist them outwards by approximately 45 degrees. Protract your shoulders (separate the shoulder blades, drive sternum into the ceiling), activate your lats to depress your shoulders away from your eares. Make sure you maintain extreme positions of these two scapula activation cues (protraction and depression) at all times - this is your main priority when working towards planche. Carry on with shortening the distance between your ribcage and hips by tightening your core. Squeeze your glutes inwards. Point your toes to move your shoulders past your wrists.
Keep your body fixed and still throughout the movement, proceed by bending your elbows and get your whole body as close to the floor as possible. Reinforce your protraction, depression, core and glutes and press back up into the top. Make sure to reset each repetition to avoid hips saging, scapula relaxing or hips coming up too high. This exercise should feel extremely heavy when performed with perfect form. Limit your repetitions to maximum 8 reps per set.

Movement Group


Required Equipment


Progressions And Regressions