Muscle groups

Back, Core, Quadriceps, Calves


Begin in a tall standing position. Balance on one leg, engaging the glute to help stabilise.
Hold the free leg slightly in front of you, leg straight, quad engaged & toes flexed towards you. This will help you balance and create tension.

Reach your arms forward to counterbalance, and flexing the knee and hip together, descend with control. Drive the knee forwards over the toes, and make sure it doesn’t cave inwards, it should track in line with the foot.

Maintain a neutral spine, keep the free leg engaged, go as low as comfortable. Touch the heel on the floor, but keep your weight on the working leg.

Pause at the bottom. Then push through the working leg, exhale, extend the knee and hip, driving yourself back to a standing position. Squeeze the glute at the top, pause, hip fully extended. Keep the elevated leg tight.

Repeat for repetitions. Then switch sides

As you develop stability and strength, increase the range of motion by elevating the free leg more as you descend and touching the heel to the floor further away from you.

Repeat for reps & switch sides.

Movement Group


Required Equipment


Progressions And Regressions