Muscle groups

Triceps, Core, Glutes


Fix a light resistance band so it’s about chest height. Grip it with both hands and step away, creating tension in the band.

Position yourself so the band is anchored directly to the side of you. Tuck your elbows in and hold the band close to your sternum. Feet about shoulder with apart, knees bent and tall spine.

Inhale into your hips, brace your core, ribs down, glutes engaged. Drive your arms straight outward, exhale, and resist the urge to rotate toward the band. Pause with your arms fully extended, bend your arms and bring your hands back to your chest.
Repeat for repetitions and switch sides.

The key is to focus keep your hips and shoulders square, and squeeze at the top, with your arms fully extended. If you cannot straighten your arms, or resist rotation, the resistance is too great.

Movement Group


Required Equipment

Resistance Band

Progressions And Regressions