Muscle groups

Back, Quadriceps, Hamstring, Glutes


Take a kettlebell and hold it against your chest, elbows in close & pointed down.
Take a wide stand with your feet. Hips and shoulder square, back neutral. Feet should be turned out slightly, this will vary person to person.

Squat to one side, by flexing one knee and hinging at the hip.
Keep the heel down, & drive the knee forward, tracking in line with the foot. Pull yourself actively into the bottom position, keeping your spine netural, & stacking the hip on top of the heel.

Descend as low as you feel comfortable, stay tight, & ensure the other leg stays straight. Pause at the bottom. Don't go into posterior pelvic tilt.

Drive through the heel, extending the knee and hip to return to the start.
Hips fully extend at the top, squeezing the glutes, and switch sides.
Repeat for repetitions.

Movement Group


Required Equipment


Progressions And Regressions