Muscle groups

Core, Shoulders, Trapezius, Forearm, Latissimus


Grab the Low Pull-Up bar, ensure a strong pronated/false grip with your hands shoulder width apart or narrower.

Step forwards until your hips are in contact with the bar. Keep your arms bent and pull strongly as you get below the bar curling your knees up to reduce the force required for the hold.

Focus on keeping your hips in contact with the bar. Pull with your back as if you were retracting your scapulas to make sure your Shoulder-To-Glutes line is perfectly parallel to the ground.

Hold this position for the required time.

Slowly and safely stand back up once the hold time is completed.

Note: This exercise can also be done on a High Pull-Up Bar but it is of higher difficulty.

Movement Group


Required Equipment

Low Pull-Up Bar

Progressions And Regressions