Muscle groups

Back, Core


Lie on your back and reach your arms behind you to hold onto a sturdy pole, column, or bench.

Bend you knees, bring them to your chest and roll up onto your shoulders. Create a stable base by depressing and retracting your scapula (Push your shoulder blades down and back) You shouldn't feel discomfort in your neck at any point - Adjusting your hand position, and distance from the anchor point can help with this.

Now extend your legs upward, hips through, so you form a straight line from your shoulders to your toes.

Maintaining PPT and staying hollow (Tucked tailbone, core braced, glutes engaged) Slowly begin to low yourself down. Exhaling on the descent. Going as low as you can while maintaining tension and form, and repeat for reps.

If you start to lose your posture, slow down or discontinue the rep. Your back should not arch at any point.

Then slowly lower your body back down to the floor until it’s parallel to the floor, keeping your core and buttocks tight.
Make sure you’re keeping your legs together and straight.

Movement Group


Required Equipment