Muscle groups

Biceps, Core, Shoulders, Quadriceps, Glutes


Attach a band to a secure point and grip it with one hand.
Back away from the anchor point and create tension in the band.
Squat down as if sitting in a chair, torso upright, shins close to vertical and hips at 90 degrees. Knees in line with the toes, not collapsing inward.

Maintain this tall seated position, as you row the band to your chest.
Initiating the movmement by retracting your scapula, before bending your elbow. Squeeze at the top, control on the descent.
Repeat for repetitions, then switch sides.

Adjust difficulty by band strength, a lighter band will make it more challenging for the legs, a heavier band will make it more challenging for the upper body.

Movement Group


Required Equipment

Resistance Band

Progressions And Regressions