Muscle groups

Triceps, Core, Hamstring, Glutes


Attach a band to a secure anchor point. Stand facing away from the anchor, grip the band between your legs, and walk forward to create tension.

Stand tall, arms straight and back neutral. Feet slightly wide than shoulder width apart.
Hinge at the hips, engaging the hamstrings and glutes. Maintain a neutral spine as you continue hinging, push the hips backward. Keep a tight grip on the band, as your arms move between your legs, towards the anchor point.

Descend to the end of your hamstring range (Don't try to increase depth by letting your back round) Pause at the bottom, then drive through the floor, squeeze your glutes. Exhale as you forecfully extend your hips, pulling the band through, and returning to the standing position. Drive your hips all the way through at the top, core braced.

Repeat for repetitions.

Movement Group


Required Equipment

Resistance Band

Progressions And Regressions