Muscle groups

Hamstring, Glutes


Set up a band so that it sits across your hips like a seatbelt, there should be no slack. Rest your upper back and shoulders on a bench. Pelvis should be neutral, feet flat on the floor (or elevated on a step) Shins close to vertical and hips flexed.

Use your glutes to drive the movement, keep the spine neutral Engage your glutes, drive through your feet, and extend your hips, assuming a posterior pelvic tilt at the top. Pausing, squeezing the glutes. Hinge back down with control. Repeat for Repetitions.

Don't allow your back to arch at any point. Keep your rib cage down, fix your gaze to a point in front of you, this will help prevent your arching through the back.

Movement Group


Required Equipment

Resistance Band

Progressions And Regressions