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Calisthenics for the whole universe - this is our mission and this is Caliverse. Giving a chance for everyone to learn what is calisthenics and how to perform it correctly - our friends United Calisthenics Group will show exactly how everything is done!

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Our Great Features

This is what makes Caliverse special.


We got 200+ calisthenics exercises with videos made by professionals for you to know how to correctly work out.


You can choose between our pre-made workouts and community-made workouts. All made for you to know what exactly to do every day.

Workout plans

Set up your plan and achieve your goal. Have a fully built schedule for some period of time to complete the goal of the plan.

Weekly schedule

Have a workout set for every day of your week. Schedule when you train and when you rest and get remainders if you skip.

Social network

Ever thought how others are training? Now you can connect to them and see workouts they have built and are using.


Do you believe that your knowledge could be useful to others? Build PRO workout plans and earn up to 2€ per user who uses your plan.

Since January, 2019, we are working hard on this project - to build a world-class level mobile app with exactly those features that you might be looking for.

And we are now live on both App Store for iOS devices and Play Store for Android devices!

We would be grateful that you could send us the core features, you think Caliverse lacks.

Don't hesitate to contact us through our Facebook or Instagram pages or contact form at the bottom of this page.

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We worked hard so Caliverse is available to all largest mobile operating systems.

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Behind the scenes

Meet our huge team!


Daniels Pitkevics

Developer/designer/project manager/system administration and whatever else you can think of

Currently, Daniels is the only one who is working on this project. He had an idea and started to make this idea a reality. Doing everything - from programming to designing and managing business.

Meet the UCG

Get to know members of United Calisthenics Group.



Cambo lives for physical training, and in addition to calisthenics, trains in MMA, kettlebells & weightlifting. As a coach, he combines these experiences and enjoys seeing clients progress to a stronger and healthier lifestyle.

The beauty of calisthenics is that you can practice it anytime, even if you have only 5-10 minutes to spare! You will see Cambo training everywhere and anywhere, whether it’s on the train or in a queue, he’ll be using that time to bust out some reps!

His favourite movements are Dragon Flag & Pistol Squat.

Alongside his calisthenics endeavours Cambo has worked on set as a stunt performer, and continues to develop his skill set.

Lynch Calisthenics


Ben AKA @lynch.calisthenics is currently leading kids sessions in his local area of Burton on Trent - Calisthenics Kids Squad!

His favourite move is the Dead Press and Ben is currently training for Planche 🔥

Ben is massive Dragonball Z fan and Goku is his favorite character.

Exo Calisthenics


Sherman has been training from a young age since he was a small and frail kid, has been training in martial arts and MMA before but it wasn’t until last year he took Calisthenics seriously and made something out of it…

He adopted the name Exo because he wanted to show people that you can train just as effective outside (External), be different by trying out new methods to constantly challenge myself (Exceptional) and using his creativity in any given situation (Extraordinary).

Sherman's favourite cali move is airwalking, he aims to be an all-round cali athlete.

Barbarian Thenix


Meet Edvinas AKA Eddy.

At the age of 7 Eddy's godfather signed him up for a Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes which he attended for 7 years and then two years of muay thai.

He would set goals for Eddy (40 pushups without rest for example) and would pay him when he achieved it. Eddy then started bodybuilding/fitness at the age of 16 and picked up on calisthenics a year and a half ago when he realised he doesn't really want to get big and immobile and it was life changing.

New goals and sense of achievement as Eddy learn new moves/techniques and a new found community/circle of friends.

Eddy's favorite move is human flag.

Danny Power Calisthenics


Danny is a founder of power calisthenics in London and one of the first members of the United Calisthenics Group.

He started his fitness journey as a Mixed martial artist long time ago but after coming across video of muscle up on YouTube he fell in love with calisthenics and dedicated his life to it.

He has experience not only in calisthenics but also in performance based training that can suite any sport discipline, as well as learning yoga to complement calisthenics training with additional flexibility and increased range of motion.

His current favourite exercise routine consists of handstand combined with different types of yoga.

On a daily basis Danny is a personal trainer in north London where he help beginners to put the first step into this beautiful sport discipline.

Danny is 100kg and 6ft tall so if you have problems progressing any skill due to your size, he is a man for the job.



Ibrahim, the founder of 💥Cowleythenics💥 and proud member of #UCG.

Representing calisthenics from the Cowley - the FIRST bodyweight fitness community in Oxford UK. Ibrahim has always been a fitness and sport enthusiast, playing football at high levels from a young age and training Abs in his room every night before dinner 💪

Ibrahim is passionate about getting people fighting fit through the use of bodyweight only training and has been training Cali for 2 years now, with a vision of building a community of movers who all help each other progress and succeed as a team ✔👌

Paddy McIntyre


Meet Paddy McIntyre!

Paddy is UCG athlete and founder. He lives for body weight fitness and has been training body weight from the age of 8. Paddy has experience in Karate, Tae Kwan Do, football and boxing.

But it wasn't until October 2017 when he found calisthenics. Looking through motivational body transformation videos on YouTube, Paddy discovered calisthenics and took it seriously.

In February of 2018, 4 months into his new calisthenics journey, he accidentally fractured his c7 spine which has left him with a clay shovelers fracture and he will remain be injured until 2020.

During his road to recovery Paddy has beaten the 47 second world record for the back lever with him getting 51 second!

His goal is to inspire Scotland and get a calisthenics movement going in the country.

Paddy currently takes calisthenics classes at Primal Gym every Tuesday and Friday.

His specialty is statics.

Ali Shioui


Ali represents both UCG and Cowleythenics. He really highlights that calisthenics can take your body to the next level as he has only been training since December last year.

Although he trained before and played football at a semi professional level it is the calisthenics training that got him to where he is today.

Ali's favorite calisthenics move is handstand press since he unlocked it quite recently.

Aaron Lauder


Aaron is the founder of Fit Fast Calisthenics and a partner in the Fit Fast Brand. He is a personal trainer with a lot of experience, who also teaches fitness qualifications.

Aaron has always had a strong background in sport through sprinting, football and Muay Thai. Aaron found and fell in love with calisthenics in October 2017 on a visit to the Evolution of Fitness. He then became a qualified calisthenics coach in December 2017.

Aaron’s aim is to help grow the sport and awareness, he has focused on growing his local area. As well as helping the community grow across the UK too. He would like to see more bar parks and facilities across the UK and more coaches to teach and grow Cali.

He has been training in calisthenics for 18 months and loves his statics, mainly Planche and Handstand. Especially when putting them together as a combo.

Alex Iken


Alex is a person that believes in continuously learning different things to enable him to be a better and stronger individual.

He discovered his love for training at the age of 8, got into bodybuilding at 16, competed at 20 (leaving with a placement medal) and has a decent number of calisthenics skills.

He represents the heavy bois of calisthenics and is still growing. Watch this space.

And more coming soon...

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